Drive Pros specializes in Driveways.

Whether you are looking for a new driveway or to fix up your old driveway you have come to the right place. We offer free evaluations that will help you decide if you should repair or replace as well as consultations that will help you decide what material is best for your new driveway.

Asphalt Pavement Services

New Paving
Asphalt is a low cost and generally long lasting driveway surface when properly installed. Our teams ensure a quality job with correct sub grade materials, depth and compaction. We don’t skimp anywhere when installing a paved driveway and our prices reflect a quality job with no compromise. Spending a little extra on your paved driveway could be the difference between one that lasts 10 years and one that lasts 40.

Drive Pros uses a premium environmentally friendly Asphalt Emulsion sealer. This is a water based product containing asphalt binder, speciality clays, epoxy latex additive and finely graded sand. Our product is applied either by squeegee or mechanical spray, both methods produce a long lasting and durable surface coating. Asphalt Emulsion sealer dries to a matte black colour and will greatly enhance the appearance of any property. Top of the line spray systems allow the sealer to be agitated to ensure consistently in the final product. Read more…

Crack Sealing
Cracks in pavement are the first sign of pavement deterioration, and when they occur the pavements condition declines rapidly. This is because water now has the opportunity to enter the crack and erode the sub-base. The sub base provides the support for the asphalt, and without it the pavement sags and potholes will occur. By sealing the cracks in your asphalt its life can be extended and large costly pothole repairs can be eliminated. We use both cold and hot applied asphalt crack sealants. Read more…

Asphalt Repairs
We provide repair services for both residential and commercial clients. We use cold and hot patching products depending on the size and specific needs of our customers. For residential driveways cold patch is commonly used. Cold patch provides a long lasting and durable repair and is much more economical for smaller holes than hot applied materials and produces the same quality results. Read more…

Line Painting
New for 2012 Drive Pros is offering line painting services to its commercial clients. Line paint is applied via airless paint equipment that produces clean crisp lines. We only use high quality water based traffic paint that is environmentally friendly and durable. Read more…

Concrete Services

White Concrete and Exposed Aggregate
Concrete although more expensive than asphalt can last significantly  longer when properly installed. Its important to choose a contractor that uses correct sub grade materials at the proper thickness. In our climate the proper sub grade preparation reduces the chance of ground movement that can lead to cracking. Concrete is also reinforced with rebar or metal screens that help increase its rigidity. Contact us for more information.

Concrete Sealing
We use a premium oil based sealer that penetrates into the concrete sealing the pores and forming a protective layer on the surface. This product seals and protects the concrete from water and salt damage. It also resists blushing when exposed to rainfall. This product can be used on exterior and interior concrete serfaces as an effective form of protection for your expensive concrete surface. We apply the sealer by spray to ensure an even and complete coating of the entire concrete surface.

Brick Paver Services

Interlocking Brick/Paver Installation
Choosing a brick paver walkway or driveway is a premium option. Pavers last an indefinite amount of time, are easy to repair and ascetically pleasing. Drive Pros professionally installs brick pavers for walkways, driveways and patios. Our team has been trained to properly prepare the sub grade and ensure proper slope for water run off. We overbuild our paver installations, using additional base. We install our pavers with above average care and preparation.

Interlocking Brick/Paver Sealing
Sealing your pavers every few years protects the stone and improves their appearance.