Drive Pros uses only premium commercial grade products that are proven to be long lasting and durable.

  • Coal Tar Driveway And Parking Lot Sealer

    Polymer Modified Coal Tar water based Sealer for extended life and chemical resistance.

    • Applied at at manufacturer specifications, never over diluted.
    • Prevents sunlight damage, and restores deep black color.
    • Resistant to water, chemicals and petroleum products.
    • Fine sand mix produces a textured non slip coating
    • Hot blend polymers increase adhesion.
    • Fastest drying time in the industry – Often can be walked on before we leave the job.
  • Gator Pave

    Heavy bodied asphalt repair product for repairing heavily cracked areas.

    • Fast drying, sand filled product
    • Provides even and effective surface repair


  • Hot Ruberized Crack Filler

    Rubberized cubes of crack filler are melted and applied to cracks.

    • Lasts 3-5+ years.
    • Over banded 2 inches for optimum adhesion and sealing of crack.
    • Remains flexible in all temperatures.
    • Same product used on roads and highways.
  • Oil Spot Primer

    Neutralizes oil and gas leaks prior to sealing..

    • Ensures effective bonding of sealer
    • Fast Drying
    • Prevents stains from bleeding through sealant to provide a uniform finish.
  • Acetone Based Traffic Paints

Acetone based traffic paints are the best alternative to traditional solvent based paints that are banned for use in Canada during certain months. They feature the same fast dry and durability with less VOC’s.