Protecting Your Asphalt Is Our Specialty

Benefits of choosing Drive Pros for asphalt driveway sealing: – Professional trained staff who care about the appearance of your property. Drive Pros puts an emphasis on a clean and neat application of sealer, we take care that the sealer ends up on your driveway and only the driveway. – Commercial grade, sand and additive enriched sealer. The addition of sand greatly increases the traction and durability of the sealer. A high traction surface is a safe surface. Our additive greatly enhances drying time reducing the chance of someone tracking it somewhere it shouldn’t be. Often the sealer is dry to the touch before we leave the site. – A complete maintenance solution. We offer sealcoating, crack filling, asphalt repairs and line painting, thus serving all your pavement needs. – Local, Dependable and can be reached any time at 902-536-7700

Video Highlighting our Sealcoating Process

    Why have your drive way sealed? – Sealing with our commercial grade Coal Tar or Asphalt emulsion sealer protects your asphalt by providing a wearing layer that prevents sunlight, water, chemicals and oil from reaching it. – Sealing with a commercial grade sealer, not only increases cosmetic appearance, but provides protection that can double or triple the life of your driveway. In the long run, this can result in reduced repair/replacement costs, and actually save you money. – Oil and gas leaks dissolve the chemical make up of your asphalt causing potholes, but are unable to penetrate our asphalt emulsion sealer due to the addition of hot blended specialty polymers during the manufacturing process. – Our sealer dries to a deep matte black and contains compounds that prevent the penetration of  damaging ultra violate rays that will break down the binder on an unsealed asphalt. – Our new sealer is no odor, and contains no carcinogenic compounds, you can feel safe your family isn’t being exposed to any unnecessary toxins. – Our sealer contains liquid asphalt and thus makes your asphalt look like it was just paved, we have used various products and this sealer is the blackest drying product on the market.

Polymer Modification Makes The Difference

Typical asphalt emulsion sealer like you can find at Canadian tire contains unmodified emulsified asphalt. It lacks fuel and oil resistance and tends to wear quickly. The sealer we use is polymer modified, this means that specialty polymers are hot blended into the sealant during the manufacturing process. These polymers result in increased cost but the product quality in greatly enhanced. Benefits of polymer modification include: 1. Greatly increased sealer adheasion 2. Decreased curing time, often in minutes of leaving the job for foot traffic 3. Increased fuel, oil and gas resistance 4. Greatly increased resistance to water penetration, thus more durability Various studies prove that polymer modified asphalts result in significant improvement in the asphalts performance. One Study Found: “Overall, Polymer Modified Sealer, through the group of studies that were illustrated in this paper, is much more effective [compared to typical asphalt sealers] when pertaining to keeping the roadways from suffering potholes, cracks, and ruts” Click here to view article. How often should I have my driveway sealed? – Sealing is typically performed on a yearly or bi-yearly bases. Many people prefer to have their driveway sealed each year to maintain the cosmetic and protective aspects of the sealer. Several reasons such as damage caused by snow removal or excessive wear are also reasons why it is better to have your asphalt sealed each year. How long does it take to dry? – Our sealer drys very quickly, especially in hot conditions. Often we are able to allow foot traffic before we leave the job site, in a general sense we usually specify one hour for foot traffic and about 8 hours for automotive use (manufacturer specifications). These numbers can vary based on temperature and sunlight exposure. Often just to be safe we ask for cars to be kept off overnight. Our sealer is applied full strength without dilution this means the final coating contains less water, therefore speeding up cure time.

Application Process

Step 1:

We clean and prep the driveway. This process includes using high power blowers to clean debris from the driveway as well as includes the trimming of the grass around the edges of the driveway. Also, any oil spot priming and crack repairs are performed at this time prior to sealing.

Step 2:

Second, we pump and spread the sealer by hand around homes, fences and walkways. We usually will apply the first 4 feet out from the house by hand, this ensures we do not get over spray on your home, garage or concrete.

Step 3:

Once all of the detail work is done, the remainder of the driveway is sprayed in a wide fan motion covering a 4 foot wide pass. The sealer is overlapped and ensures a perfectly even application. As the sealer wears the even application ensures that there are no lines or typical roller marks that occur when sealer is applied manually.

Step 4:

Finally, the driveway is blocked off with caution tape to prevent accidental traffic until the driveway is fully cured. Also, the specialist on site will consult with you and answer any other questions you may have. Request a Asphalt Sealcoating or Repair Estimate