We perform asphalt repairs ranging from small potholes in driveways, to large areas of damaged asphalt. We use hot asphalt for our large jobs and cold patch for minor jobs.

Hot Asphalt Repair
Work is quoted based on the sq foot area to be repaired as well as the time and materials required.

We will assess your needs and present you with your options. Making an informed choice when it comes to drive way repair will greatly affect the life of your driveway, but also to the quality and life of the repair itself.

Cracks or damage left un-treated will allow water penetration, which will lead to rapid destruction of the surrounding asphalt; therefore timely action will save you money.

We have all the equipment required for a quality repair job:

  • Diamond Blade Asphalt Saw’s
  • Heavy Duty Gas Asphalt Tamper
  • Asphalt Hot Box
  • Seam Binder
  • Seam Sealant
  • Leveling Lutes
  • Hand Tampers

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