Drive Pros provides a variety of services and parking lot maintenance plans for property managers in the HRM. Maintaining your parking lot can double the expected lifespan of the paved surface. We carry full liability coverage and workers compensation. We are also members of the NSCSA.

Commercial Parking Lot Sealcoat – Millions of gallons of coal tar sealer is applied across the US and Canada to protect pavement from the drying effects of the sun. Drive Pros is one of the only contractors with the gear to seal up to 100,000 sq. ft of pavement per day. We can treat parking lots day or night.

Commercial Parking Lot Crack Sealing – We melt and apply hot rubber crack sealant, the same products used on the highways and streets. Keeping water out of the cracks will prevent base damage, heaving and potholes.

Infrared Asphalt Repairs – We have a state of the art infrared heater, capable of heating up and recycling asphalt in place. This machine creates long lasting seamless asphalt repairs. We also perform traditional saw cut asphalt repairs where required.

Catch Basin Repairs – Catch basins are often problem areas. Cutting out catch basins is often not the best way to repair them as the cracks created by the saw cuts allow water penetration causing rapid breakdown of the patch. We use our infrared machine with fresh asphalt blended in to create a seamless asphalt patch around the catch basin. With no areas for water to enter the patch will last much longer than traditional methods.

Line Painting – We can re-line or layout new parking lot lines. We use acetone based commercial line pant meeting industry standards.