Lawn Aeration Halifax, Dartmouth and Surrounding Areas

Note: Please book your lawn aeration in advance as we expect to be very busy this season. Our new aerators offer state of the art easy steer technology, this allows our operators to do a higher quality job, with less risk of damaging your lawn when going around flowerbeds or curved terrain.

Why aerate your lawn?

The winter snow leaves your lawns soil compacted and dense. The compacted soil has a greatly reduced ability to absorb nutrients and allow water to reach the grass roots. To ensure a thick green lawn yearly lawn aeration is necessary. Let your lawn breathe!

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Lawn aeration is the most important first step towards a lush, healthy lawn for the remainder of the year.

The benefits of lawn aeration:

  • Exposes the roots of the grass directly to water and nutrients, allowing for more
    efficient intake
  • Breaks up tight, compacted soil, helping to increase the root growth and causes the lawn to become stronger and more resistant to high heat in the summer.
  • A strong root system provides superior resistance to weeds and diseases by preventing them from gaining a foothold in your lawn.
  • The cores themselves will breakdown naturally and act as a top-dressing, returning essential nutrients to the soil.

Lawn aeration is available in Halifax, Dartmouth, and surrounding areas. This service is typically performed in spring and some customers also perform a second aeration in the fall as well.

Also, you may choose to have fertilizer and/or lime applied at the time of service.

Why choose us:

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