Do you have an interlocking brick driveway, patio or walkway that has sunk, heaved, or is full of weeds? If so we can help!

Problem #1: I have weeds growing up out of my bricks and can’t seem to keep them from coming back.weeds-growing-between-pavers

Solution: Our crew will remove all of the weeds/dirt/mud from between the cracks in the bricks using a high pressure power washer. Next, once the surface is dry we will install polymeric sand in the cracks. Polymeric sand when correctly installed will harden like concrete resisting water penetration and weed growth.

Problem #2: My stone walkway has sunk and is collecting water.

Solution: We will remove old stones and determine the cause of failure. Likely due to improper base preparation. Old base will be excavated and a new compacted granular base installed. Finally, we will replace the old stones, re-sand and seal the surface.

Contact us and we will do our best to repair your existing driveway to like new appearance.