If you are looking to increase your property value and greatly enhanceInterlocking Brick Walkway the beauty of your home, than a new interlocking brick walkway, driveway and/or patio is for you. Drive Pros professionally installs interlocking brick hardscapes in Halifax and surrounding areas.


  • Longest lasting paving material – your driveway can last indefinitely when installed correctly
  • Infinite design options for that custom look
  • Resistant to freeze thaw damage
  • Increases property value


Installing interlocking brick is one of the most expensive paving options, ranging from $10-20 per sq. foot depending on the chosen stone, design options, and excavation required.

Our Installation Process

Our staff have been trained by a leading landscaping company based in Cape Breton. The most important step in installing brick pavers is the excavation/base preparation woGrading for Brick Patiork.

Step 1: First we plan out the job, determining the required grade. We place stakes, string lines, and use levels to ensure proper grading, and excavation depth.
Step 2: We excavate, removing loose soil, dirt, rock etc, typically to a depth of 10-12 inches. Once excavation is complete the soil is compacted.
Step 3: Base materials are installed. A compacted granular base is installed and graded first, followed by a precisely installed sand layer. The granular base is used as it resists expansion and contraction with changing temperature. The sand layer  allows perfect grading, and a super smooth surface for the pavers. The actual technique used to grade the sand is a trade secret.interlocking brick hardscape
Step 4: Install bricks. Bricks are laid using a specific pattern depending on the design chosen.
Step 5: Sand. We use a special sand that contains a cement like additive causing it to harden between the bricks once water is added. This prevents weed growth, and increases the durability of the new pavers.

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