Halifax Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

Halifax Commercial Parking Lot SweepingHalifax Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping is available in the Halifax Regional Municipality. We can efficiently clear parking lots of dirt, rock and debris using our sweeper collector. Yearly parking lot sweeping will help create a clean and respectable image for your visitors.

We carry full commercial liability, workers compensation and NSCSA certification.

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Our Lot Sweeping Process

We use a bobcat sweeper with collector and can quickly clear small to large parking lots, day or night. Once the sweeper has filled we load the debris into our dump trailer and haul it away. Our maintenance staff uses handheld power sweepers to clean around entrance ways. Once the work is complete a manager always inspects the job.  This ensures every sweeping job was done to the highest standards.


We are currently taking bookings for the 2015 season, phone Justin at 902-471-4666. Alternatively, you can book a free quote online using our Contact Form


Will sweeping create a lot of dust?

We only use contained collection sweepers on parking lots. These machines pull debris into the large collection bin, and are completely enclosed greatly reducing the amount of dust created. We have never had any complaints about dust when using this type of sweeper.

Do you sweep parking garages?

Yes, we provide dry sweeping of parking garages. Contact us for more information.

Over the winter the sand, salt and rock builds up on your parking lot creating an un-attractive appearance. Our service is simple and efficient. We service all business’s in the HRM, however if you have multiple properties we may travel further to service your needs. As a pavement maintenance company we have cleaned thousands of properties prior to sealcoating. In order for sealcoat to bond properly the surface must be cleaned thoroughly.  We treat every sweeping job the same way we would prepare a lot for sealcoating, therefore you can expect a top quality parking lot sweeping job.

For your next parking lot sweeping job give us a call our trained crews will get the job done right.